Would you be angry with me?

2021-07-29 12:12:23 KYLE

When I bring 3 children to the world and get my 3 children's life out of anger and love children.

What is your reaction when I heard that a mother took her three small children's life because her husband left her.

Why would you be angry, it's not your problem Or would that matter?


Anger is probably the wrong expression. If I hear that someone takes his children to death, because the one with life does not clearly come, then rather framelessly makes sense. Incomprehension, grief for the poor worms who had their lives still in front of him ...

Even if it is certainly not right, but for the perpetrator I would have only contempt. Of course, the person is desperate, maybe mental problems, it would think it would be right ... but I hold it for fig, downwards and does not want to find words of defense for such a person! Then the mind turns off with me, which says: Mental problems are a disease. The human reaction of mourning and detection is then wins...

And if it happens only from love skimmer, then I lack any understanding anyway!


We had a woman in our city, in my immediate neighborhood a woman.The has her two children starving and let it cause and let it enclose it and is driven away 14 days. And believe me, that was not 'My problem'. But cold did not let me know .... It is a terrible thing .... no matter if one is concerned or not.

This film was rotated over this tragedy.


I would not necessarily be angry be, I would have pityful, because who makes such an act, just need help and is aBsolut no longer with them. So all involved would be suffering. The father, the mother and the children.



People die, some earlier, some later. But Happy I would not be



That would be no expression for the emotions I would feel like a confession.

Would you be angry with me?