How important is you democracy?

2021-07-29 13:00:39 MABLE

What does she mean to you. Would you fight for it? Do you think that there are counter models (like monarchy or a dictatorship)?

Democracy is very important to me Choose 67%

Democracy I do not care Choose 14%



Democracy It is more important to me Choose 10% Democracy is more harmful to choose 10% in the long run

My opinion on social model Democracy is increasingly being changed.

Once, as a police officer, I sworn the care of the care of the FDGO my life and was completely convinced of it.

Then I got to know other countries and I am now split in my opinion.

If you take the UAE-specifically Dubai, then Dubai was not much more than wind-shawling fisherman's huts on the beach before 30 years ago.

Today, Dubai is a world metropolis after only 30 years, because the rulers had a plan and could implement them free of fear of re-election.

Now consider the construction period of the airport BER, which was stretched not only by construction pans, but also the democratic legal road, then throws that questionsup.

News about your question:

Annalena Baerbock, Chancellor candidate of the Greens, lies in the favor of the interviewed with 19 percent in front, Olaf Scholz from the SPD follows with 18 percent. 45 percent do not want lashing, Baerbock nor Scholz. transfer-an-boden/ar-aamfkr4?Li = BBQG6Q9

Hardly anyone wants as a chancellor, not even in the CDU, where he was brought through by Merkel-Establishment against Söder.

What is this for a democracy where party elites against the elite voting impose their will to the people?

Democracy on the EC:

for the election to the President of the European Commission have runs Timermans and Weber,

the item got onto Merkel / Macron woman from the Leyen, though they never randated and caused a crash on their previous ministerial posts.

Is it probably because it is also associated with caterpillar economy and corruption?

Adviser affair of the Bundeswehr

Angry officers, millions for McKinsey and an innocence chamber

Ex-Defense Minister of the Leyen says in the Bundeswehr committee. The reconstruction of an incredible case HTML

It is certainly just a coincidence, the Minister VD-Leyen on MC-Kinsey orders in MilLion height without tender awarded, as it was certainly just a coincidence that at the time

their children were employed
. According to Capital research, the company was, at the meantime two
worked by the Leyens, .... / Economics Policy / How-McKinsey-at-the-Bundeswehr-Zu-Online-came

from the Leyen and the Advisory Famre

"Factist Complete Feeder"

At the end of the Committee on the Advisory Committee, the opposition takes the former Minister of Defense. Ursula von der Leyen wears the "overall responsibility" for the many irregularities. Father Factal Complete Factory A-55458B1C-64BD-436B-ACDF-75AFCEF0F5D3

The extinguishing action is devastating from the Leyens

Democracy is a good social model as long as you do not look behind the scenes.

Elvira Churchill Time: Democracy is the worst of all state forms, except all others. What he's very right, even if he says himself: The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.

In both I have to be ihM agree, unfortunately, we are becoming more and more of democracy, as we as a society more and more a black and white look and opinions are stigmatizing and discredited against the official narrative.


In democracy, one chooses his tormentor. He does not do one in the end eh. Just together with his party.

If a Kaiser, a supreme Soviet or a king would react here, then that would be the right. Humanity has lived under many monarchies and autocracies. Give it still does it ..

Only the really bad, leader, duce, 위대한 령도자, and how they are all, you can save themselves.


Logically, there are other models, you call themselves two. ABER when it comes to the fight for freedom and democracy, I would be at the very beginning. Fortunately, this fight does not have to lead. Yet.


Hello Dominus73!

Democracy is the only righteous and practicable state form, the citizen can withstand and has extensive freedoms

models that the individual still Give more rights or community all have failed and we do not change anything

Democracy is alternative Have a nice day

How important is you democracy?