Why is the Pope actually always Catholic?

2021-07-29 15:00:31 CARRIE

could not you take a mathematician, physicist, or a philosopher?


and in exchange will then become a Catholic Cardinal Professor of Mathematics. You're right, that's very useful, so you are completely unloaded on the matter.


Only the Catholics have a pope. And he is chosen in the conclave, which consists of the cardinals in the world (also all Catholics). And the Pope will always be one of her rows (though that is probably not mandatory), is always a churchman.

Could not you even have a mathematician, physicist or take a philosopher?

They were persecuted by the church earlier ...

Science and Christianity are like Farid Bang and Flor ... or have already tolerated?

Lg Yousef:) Manuel

The profession does not have so much to do with the denomination. The current Pope is, for example, chemical technician and studied mental history. Harold

Catholic is not a profession and something like physics and math has nothing to do with the religion of a person.

And why the Pope is always Catholic? Well, maybe it's because the Pope is the head of the Catholic Church ??

Why is the Pope actually always Catholic?