Survey: Are you single?

2021-08-03 21:03:02 CHRISTIAN

If so, do you want a relationship or do not you want any?

Single: Will a relationship Choose 43%

Single: Will not a relationship Choose 35%



I am only for about two months single. I do not need a relationship again so fast. If it happens, like. But I'm not looking for it again.

  • The person I love is not to have
  • Other people for which I swarm Fictional
  • I would like to do something with anyone, with the knowledge that the one is not the first choice - that would be unfair

I can help me Do not imagine something like that. With what I have noticed everything in my environment, I do not feel as desirable.


I believe I'm a Mingle but actually single ..

I would have been about for almost 30 years Ca Single at allI like a .. so many have so often relationships and many !!! I do not even have one ..: '(Weast always fit .. And I did not want to take anyone for whom I have no feelings


I lost my life companion to the cancer.

Can not imagine me to fall in love again.

Survey: Are you single?