Thank the rescue service - yes / no? Ideas?

2021-08-23 17:04:27 GABRIEL

I had an accident this week and was picked up by the rescue service, I wanted to thank the two who had "saved" ... It was not directly intended by the paramedic, but she has me with me what she said to me emotionally touched and given new life ...

I've already found out by which carving the car came, just I'm not as sure as that Is it possible to expire ... I'm extremely shy .... Can I just call the control center and say I want to thank you? Drive and leave flowers and chocolate there or something? I am scheduled, but somehow I just have to thank ...


A nice concern!

The likelihood that you go to the rescue station and exercise exactly the crew again is quite low. Since the service plan also belongs to the company internals, no one will give you information, when the two colleagues are back.

The control center will not be so easy to give you the phone number of the colleague. Once, because the private numbers there i.D.R. are not deposited and once due to the personality rights of the colleagues.

But you can give your gift on the guard or even in the management of the rescue service, so that it will be went on. This works very well among the colleagues (some sweets that are not 100% loss safely are packaged, if necessary remain on the track). At least date and time of use, you should be able to say.


Great idea and actually occurs rarely, the colleagues concerned will look forward to it.

The control center has not to do with it, it is only for the disposing of the Rescue missions are responsible for the residents closest to the emergency territory, without which the service provider (German red cross, Johanniterer- accident assistance, Maltese auxiliary service, workers' samariter covenant, etc.) may play a role. Also, the control center are now no longer known the names of the occupation of the individual rescue equipment for data protection reasons, in the control center LHowever, a personnel number is released, which only the employer can assign to each employee. Therefore, there is no purpose to contact the control center and please call any under the emergency number 112!,

If the rescue station is known to you, it is possible to find out the telephone number of the rescue route line on the Internet. My tip: call there. Personal data may not be issued without the consent of colleagues, but the head can best tell you how you can give something for the colleagues. Just go does not make sense, the shop plans are so that these colleagues are unlikely to be unlikely there. In addition, you want to have Coronabaded anyone on the rescue station who does not go to stafffell and not explicitly asked.



I can just call the control center and say I want to thank you?

The Control center has nothing to do with such concerns and according to my knowledge, the landline numbers of the control centers are not public. In general, the control center of the fire department or the district has nothing to do with the service transactions of the individual service providers.

Drive and leave flowers and chocolate or something?

I would, if you are really so important to send a card to the service. Any further contact could come very strange. As a use force one has a professional distance to patients, which is also at the time nOh, extends. The main colleagues (in my experience) do not wish personal contact after the conclusion of a mission.

Please remember: For you it was (under certain circumstances) an extraordinary situation, for us forces is the profession, as for the Pizzamann or the teacher.

It's nice to read about such grateful reports and not always only: "They parked me, they have no ointment against the mosquito stitch, etc.", that's why, please do not understand my answer as attack ,


drove, ring and give a gift package. Any nice card. This is probably the simplest.

Calling at the control center Brings atoms, this has basically with the eggNothing to do except that it accepts the emergency call and dispatches the rescue service.


This is a very nice thought and you should definitely do that.

Personal thanks we get rarely, and that is guaranteed by the colleagues to be taken with pleasure.
Faith me.

Also, they are responsible for these gesture respect.

Thank you

Thank the rescue service - yes / no? Ideas?