Man or woman, who has it easier in life?

2021-08-23 19:01:54 LINDSEY

In general.

Of course, it is dependent on the person, but in general.

no matter in which areas [Job, Relations, etc.]

Women have it Light choose 58%

Men have it light choose 42%


Alone, because they can not get any days to get their own children without pregnancy and birth and usually do not have to stay at home for the child. In addition, the world is more designed for men, even if they also have disadvantages.


Women are much easier than men to give birth to children. On the other hand, many men easily falls to press themselves before the later consequences.

But in general and independent of gender, most people are very difficult to be satisfied with their lives, and even harder to be satisfied with how others live.


Men less "cared for" and less considered.


What the biology is on we have it easier. Women have their conveyor bleeding every month, we do not men. That's only an example. Men's average die earlier.

In addition, women carry out the offspring and bring this to the world without it without.


either both or no.

Man or woman, who has it easier in life?