What do you mean to this picture?

2021-08-23 20:02:23 MICHELLE

I would be interested in your opinion. I really wanted to vaccinate, but I'm still uncertain. I also heard that vaccinated persons sick or even die after 2 years (approximately).



Discuss your concrete questions and / or concerns with the house or vaccine.

You should put the numbers of people with severe side effects with those who have survived the vaccine quite easily in relation.

Have also heard that vaccinated persons fallen or even die after 2 years (approximately).

First, the conspiracy community said 1 year. After that is over now and just nothing happened, you just have to extend the period ...

Please search reliable sources.


You are In order to vaccinate adolescents (if I understood your question correctly)

that one dies after the vaccine, is just as likely, how all astronauts SC isHon God have seen - so blank nonsense

In your picture is the statement that 24 young people had a heart disease after vaccination (the probability that is so exciting that it makes no sense to lead big discussions)

On the other hand, the effects of Corona on adolescents are so disappearing (that a discussion on the meaningfulness of vaccination in this group is not necessarily targeted)

You will not be "reasonable" answers here preserved.

The proponents will write to you that the opponents are only conspiracy theorists and other mentally underexposed.

The opponents will write to you that the vaccination of this group of people is meaningless and that

Whether you can vaccinate or not, you can only decide yourself (if you are still a minor - meaningfully in conjunction with your guardians)



The very rare side effect of heart muscle inflammation is to be treated drugs and can be avoided by a 14-day avoidance of power sports after vaccination.

In an infection without vaccination, heart muscle ignition is much more likely.

With the 2 years, Schlichter is nonsense for simple ghosts.


read the report:

1.3 million corona vaccine doses were Children and adolescents in Germany injected until the end of July.

for DSafety of vaccines in Germany Responsible Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) has registered by the end of July 24 cases of cardiac muscle inflammation (myocarditis) to Corona vaccinations with the BionTech active substance in children and adolescents between 12 and 17 years. The cases were more likely to have been observed after the second vaccination, it is said in the Security Report of the Institute, which was published on Friday in Langen (Hesse). Affected are 22 male and two female teenagers. There is no message about a death.

24 of 1.3 million .... The quota you should be able to calculate.


Myocarditis is A very rare side effect of the RNA vaccines. Exactly, a causal context is not yet occupied (MyocarditiS also comes with quite many people, the number of cases after the vaccination lies me little above the average) but due to the accumulation he is likely.
Nevertheless: These cases are rare and mostly harmless. Most of the cases were randomly noted.

I also heard that vaccinated persons sick or even die after 2 years (approximately). This is perfect nonsense.

What do you mean to this picture?