Completely hopeless?

2021-08-23 20:03:02 OTIS

I tried everything in life, all philosophies, all religions, well all bigger ones, and yet I'm desperate, depressed, hopeless in life.

And I just do not just do not want, I'm sorry to always suffer, I want eternal peace, but I just can not get it. I just get no answer from God, no matter how many times I agree with him.

Then I have been in therapy for years, but nothing has changed.

Who can help me if not God?


If you knew you can change everything into your life, then you would not think so. Gives you a year, and wastes no second in negative thoughts. Gives you a goal that you want to reach and believe in it 10 minutes a day. We talk again in a year.
Negative thoughts create negative event.


Do you believe in God or is it just a possibility among many.

Who is Jesus for you? Just a special man, a prophet or more?

If Jesus should be more for you, then you should feel it too.

... because if you do not confess with your mouth: Lord is Jesus - and believe in your heart: God has raised him from the dead, so you will be Gerettbe. Because with the heart one believes and that leads to justice, with the mouth is confessed and that leads to the rescue Romans 10.9 - 10

If you believe from the heart, that Jesus is Savior and Redeemer for you, then you will find peace, I am convinced.


had the problem too ... I have been thinking about the meaning of life for a long time and why I already exist

Everyone helps something else, which is difficult is the question to answer. Have you already tried the following things?

- Sport

- meditating

- thinking about what is important to you

- other people interview

It sounds a little bit As if you were nOh, looking for a prefabricated way but there is no. Every person will be happy with something else

I personally helped a mentally appealing hobby. I fell in love with IT and Hacking. Since I deal with it I have much fewer thoughts in the head and self-hatred. If I'm in a bad mood, I'm doing sports


In the end only you yourself. The path is difficult but you can cause it yourself. But what is not means that you can do no help maybe you would help you a therapist change and / or another type of therapy


Maybe it's a test. Do you know the Job's story?

Job suffered for his faith, very KrAsse pain and was overseeing illnesses. He remained steadfast and praised God, though he was in the end.

It's just to praise God if it's fine. But as soon as it goes bad, one asks God why he would do this or even loses all the belief. But this is the point: maybe God wants to test you.

I do not want to precipitate you, I'm sorry if you have experienced a lot of bad ones. However, I know that the faith has been mixed up. I wish you all the best and God's richest blessings.

Completely hopeless?