How far does your religion influence your life?

2021-08-24 00:04:58 PAULINE

Of course, question is just about believers.


My wife has separated from me because I do not believe in a body-independent soul. That's why I only rarely see my children very much. I think without religion, I would be happier.


So much different than the others I do not think I thought. Participation in the Holy Mass, reception of the Holy Communion, accompaniment in baptisms and funeral fairs - I do now and then, including weddings in the church, sick visits, even in jail I was already helping with my energy exercises. Mission magazines, mission calendar sold, stamps for the mission collected and sent. Supported and attended mission stations. Schools in Palestine supported and attended. Used to have been measuring servants, of theHalf Latin learned. Every now and then have been with solids. Let me make me in Catholic academies. Donations made in all world. Visited a bishop in Tanzania. 3 x Rome visited, Assisi, Jerusalem, in garbage people in Cairo because of sister Emmanually, the Easter night 89 spent in Bombay. I let me be good.


How far influenced your religion your life?

That depends on how to see it. Of course, I am important to me the values ​​I belonged to the religion, which I belonged from our own decision.


I know that we are here to make experiences, whether good or bad ( How people evaluate it).

The world is a large playground and we root and dance until we return homeE come!

I have taken my greed, envy hate and misguided and have a very quiet and rural life that makes me fun :)


influence in the sense of : Would say that I'm trying to be a reasonably good person, that's nobody (aware) to do what evil. Otherwise I left halfway what the topic of death is concerned

How far does your religion influence your life?