What do you think about this quote of a psychologist about corona variety counts

2021-08-24 01:00:45 CHARLES

The Psychologist Pia Lamberty explains in conversation with our editorial staff: [...]

"Humans with low formal education believe in conspirimages. But this is not to be due to a supposedly lower intelligence or knowledge, but to the subjective feeling not to be part of the company. " This feeling could also explain the non-readiness for vaccination.

https://web.de/magazine/news/coronavirus/militante-impfeger-tick-hass-Psychologist-Claert- 36085206


Hello swthuere,

The words "low formal education" already disturb me, because at the end it goes beyond that these people from discrimination rather somewhere still Discrimination against and exclude.

Nevertheless, discrimination about education, knowledge, intelligence, intellectuality in all directions is observable. People like to feel "a little better", discriminating themselves - or also as "a little less good" and discriminating.

with the "something better" often associates a wealth - while joining "Something aware of good" is more likely to associate a defect or less for freedom. The latter may be in the sense of another degree of freedom e.g. balanced wEarth.

That way it may be possible - but not necessary - that some people get more degree of freedom in a connection to another attitude and also find fullness. And discrimination - if she is caused by the company or induced or starting from one self - like to produce the feeling not to be part of the company - but then part of something else -

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Pia Lamberty has referred to the following study:
https://projects.uni-erfurt.de/cosmo2020/web/topic/ Trust Refusal Demos / 30-Spain /

You should first read before taking conclusions about the statement of Pia Lamberty.


SBut certainly, in my opinion, does not quite.

I think the knowledge here already plays a role. Or favor the belief in conspiracy myths.

For every myth always has a certain amount of "facts" that are hovering and distributed. But if they are contradictory to the existing knowledge one tends to see the whole thing more skeptical.

Problem is also the myths are often easier to understand. They are therefore one more one and possibly even with half-truths or exaggerated / undergraduate warnings.

The alternative explanations are often more difficult to understand or require some degree of prior knowledge to understand them at all.

Nevertheless, I think that's the mainUsblöser rather a sociological / emotional problem is and education / intelligence only favor the whole simply.


no idea. "Vaccum" so far, I have rather borded with the esoterically-smoked Swabian family, with quite good income and education, with a slope to homeopathy and their children Torben and Lisa go to the Waldorf school, get music lessons, while Mama goes to Shamanic drumming and dad with bicycle and helmet, goes to the biomarket.

But so everyone has his clichés in the head. I'm based on Ms. Lamberty for her professional opinions, as it is more likely to use evidence-based numbers. Therefore, I would not want to contradict her.


I believe that is throughright, if it does not describe the entirety either. There are also highly educated vaccinations

What do you think about this quote of a psychologist about corona variety counts and vaccine opponents?