Still find a friend?

2021-08-24 04:00:51 ELOISE

I am 17, male and wonder if I still find my body a friend. I'm 1.88m tall and weigh them just 66kg. I'm still athletic and have a good body of body, as I regularly actively make sports. But I have so little mass. My face is not ugly I would say. Normal to pretty (should not blade arrogant, but you have to be self-confident, instead of dissatisfied with you). Characteristic, I'm honest, directly, sometimes too nice, can not say no one directly no. Have hobbies like chess, sports, have 4 years bumped and often go out with friends. I am very interested in astrophysics, general physics and the universe itself. Of course I have my quirks. No one is perfect.



There is no other saying about each pot there is also the appropriate lid. You're still young because there is a lot going on with you when the time is ripe you will already meet and just do not want to seek that brings yarn