Why do you have yawning if another yawn?

2021-08-24 05:01:28 SHELIA

Why do you have yawn when another yawn?


This is a social reflex. Unconsciously one shares the other that you just feel the same. This is just as reflexive, if you scratch at the head when another thing speaks of headlocks.

The vernacular references yawning as "contagious". And honestly, it's mostly pretty amusing, so two can laugh about it.


is called empathy. The mirror neurons in the brain provide for a mirror known behavior, so you instinctively show the opposite that you are harmless, is friendly and also ensures a community feeling according to the situation.


That should be such a head thing. Isao as itching.If someone scratches, then it will happen a often yourself.


Psychopaths do not yawn.



is contagious.

Why do you have yawning if another yawn?