How many hours per day do you play?

2021-08-24 05:03:12 BROOKE

3 hours Choose 75%

5 hours Choose 25%

1 hour Choose 0%

2 hours Choose 0%

4 hours Choose 0%

6 hours CHOOSE 0%

More than 7 hours? How much? Choose 0%


It depends on how I have time.
Under the week somewhere between 1-3h.

At the weekend, just when it is rainy, then I can ever rain Hook good 12h on the PC.


Would you already say.

But it is totally different from me from day to day. Also depends on whether I still have BICK or not, or how long I have school and and ...


Under the week so 3 hours and on the WE too Time more.


depends on it. During the week not much, sometimes sometimes the whole day ^^


Coming on which day

in the working week usually only about 1 hour on the Day

on the weekEnd also like 8 to 10 hours

How many hours per day do you play?