Why do you make something like that?

2021-08-24 05:04:55 SARA

Why do you make something perfect? What was the meaning of the matter?

It should look like

It looks


The question should be rather: Why do you buy something like that?

Unfortunately, it is produced, what the market wants - whether these sliding boats at the German Shepherd, Flatnases in the Posses , Teacup dogs, the most absurd designer mixed rings, wrinkles and and and ....

Everything sick "bred" animals - because the market demands that. If there were no buyers, there are not such sick animals.

But many buyers are the health of a dog often does not matter - or they have not been informed at all. The main thing, you have the race that is currently top modern - or a breed that can be found in particular.


The dog was positioned accordingly, as is common in the showring . aside from thatIs there a show line and a work line, as you hopefully know.


people's beauty ideas - bad.

Why do you make something like that?