Which herbs for tomato sauce?

2021-08-24 06:03:42 ISMAEL

Is basil or oregano better for a tomato sauce?


Oregano would be more suitable for a pizza sauce. I prefer basil in pasta. But you can also take both for both. It's a matter of taste: -)


It fits both; Depending on your personal taste. But basil should always be fresh. The dried does not taste. My tip: Do not boil the basil, but finely chop and sprinkle after cooking and sprinkling over the sauce before serving.

Other herbs that fit well in tomato sauce are rosemary and parsley. With thyme you have to take care of something; He is very dominant. But a little bit of it fits too.

Otherwise, my personal experience says: No good tomato sauce comes out without threaded onion. And a little garlic pityt - not.


So in any case basil, then parsley, somewhat chervil and very important for the full rounded taste: celery. A little bit of black pepper should not be missing, also chili powder.


I have on the balcony various basil plants, Dost (in Italy as Or Oranano, known in the FRG as Oreganano), Thyme, rosemary, sage and laurel. I use two to three of these herbs alternately, when I make a tomato sauce, including onion, garlic, some rose peppers and pepper. Very important: I only harvest the tomatoes when they are wheat.


I prefer in addition to garlic, coriander and chili then a little little oregano and something toeR Basil: D

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Which herbs for tomato sauce?