What help against strong pimples?

2021-08-24 06:04:56 MARION

Do you have tips or know anyone a cream that helps against strong pimples and I get my skin from the pimples free?


  1. A mask of healing earth. The Luvos is available at DM for about 5 €, which is exaggerated cheap as this pack holds half a year. Simply mix healing earth with water, apply to the face or the pimples, and wait so long until the mask is dried. These then wash off and turn cream on it. Easy or?
  2. Next, the classic Clear-Up Stripes. There are already about 1.50 from Balea and that will really help. However, only with blackheads
  3. next the Balea Hauzrein series. There is everything you need, wash gel, drying gel, these stripes and a lot of other stuff. But you have to look at if you are the troubleshooting. Check the ingredients.
  4. What I also find very nice is the Classic Cream of PEnzen. They get away every pimple.
  5. Likewise the HIPP wound protection cream. This even places a film about it, so that the pimples do not notice.
  6. What you should definitely do is get a cover pen. I have one of Essence, who is really great. Some powder over it and the pimple is painted away.
  7. Whatever a brilliant tip is home remedies. Honey and promotes the healing, apple cider vinegar dries the pimple mercilessly
  8. Then there is still the well-known expressions ...
  9. What you can do at high incompatibilities is to go to your adult person of trust to the pharmacy. This helps 100%.
  10. In general, you should pay attention to motion and nutrition in puberty. Then you get NiSo easily pimples


salt water.

Bathing in the sea, or buy a bath salt. The salt ensures that dead skin tags are removed faster and simultaneously ensures that cells are redesigned


There is no miracle albums for.

First, puberty

Zwahlien Nutrition

Thirdly genetics

Fourth's stress

Füntenens Hormones

Work the points and then Use anti-inflammatory things. Eg a steam bath with chamomile and rubbing it ..

Then wash cold



What helps is on sugar-poor diet and less fatty foodn.


Get something from the pharmacy.

What help against strong pimples?