How do you know if you are in love?

2021-08-24 06:06:18 DESIREE

I've been feeling lately as if I was in love only I do not know if it's really love, I mean what's love ever .... Can someone please help me?


Are you still very young?

Before the love comes, just come butterfly in your stomach, there is a bit, you're nervous, maybe do not trust yourself to address a girl.

Later, if you know her better If you want to be more close to her than before, that's one of them, but never a girl to persuade what you would like if they would not agree.

You then found your great love If you are in the first place with you, you can not expect it to see it.

You will then notice it if you are only a crush, or if you love her and then no other will be with you can land.

Do you love love is such a big word and so versatile, you can not do thatIT describe a few words.

Do you still live at home and do you still have parents, then they could best explain what love is.

I wish you parents who love themselves and in the direction of the best guidebook be for you.

Love means to accept the others as he is.

Love also means respecting the others and treat him to how to treat themselves.

Love also means taking on the other, considering consideration and also work in itself, if you have some quirks that disturb the others, you can work, but both.

Love also means To be compromise on the other, then the one gives one after and then the other too. Then you will find togetherAlways a solution.

And many more things involves love.


Yes, I know the feeling. It may be that you might in love yourself in whom could be that you can find him or her only attractive that is a difference. So if I was in love, I could think of nobody other than him and was always jealous when he spoke with other girls.

Hope it helped you somehow LG AMRA


Surely you can be there if you have a completely changed life feeling. All aspects of everyday life will then appear in a new light: one finds the fellow human beings, is very euphoric with his assessments and evaluations of things. The mood isExcessive positive, even if the occasion is only low. One thinks more friendly about the fellow human beings and behaves more accepting, i. Forgive in other mistakes and inconsistencies, otherwise you rather excited.

There is also a lot of time to give the daydreams; Think of fantasies about future encounters with the beloved partner; Sensory about gifts to the partner; Standing devil from flower shops. Girls and women tend to sing small song elements; Looking dreamy in the distance; For a long time standing in the evening and admire the lights of the night and the moon. You feel warm, somehow salvaged, accepted, affirming his existence, hoping for the future, strokes himself, cares for his body.

Everything is somehow pCidering, funny donating. One is constantly a bit excited, sleeps with interruptions, is more sweets, is distracted by professional obligations and always counts only the hours until the next encounter (if this should be included in the lovely condition).

The poet Says, "The eye looks open to the sky; it emits the heart in seeling!" Can one say better?


as I said butterflies.

Jealousy / Fear If you feel JMD other urges between you


Butterflies in the stomach

How do you know if you are in love?