Can I wear as young red sports shoes or do I look for gay with it?

2021-08-24 06:06:51 EVELYN


Nah, that's no problem & I find that red sports shoes / sneakers can look like in everyday life to a beige or black chino totally cool ^ ^ courage to color I think ... otherwise If you are attracting a thing, let him talk about talking & pulling on the caravan .. who need it so to put it around for clothes / shoes, somehow has a problem -----> Somehow you really should not let you shut down .. the Most people often say something because they do not cope with themselves, did Dus seen this way? People enjoy preparing other pain because they can distract their own weaknesses ... and they should not do them. You should prefer to say: Oh, on such people you canBut do not put any value needed to say something like that, it is not even worth wasting a thought of him -----> and only on the edge, brick-red vans I would have liked, but I did not dare ; -)



Of course you can wear as a young red shoes, as a boy you can put on all colors what you want. That has nothing to do with gay. Do not worry about it.

Lg. Nico


I think it does not matter if you look like gay, or not, you have to like it. Besides, there is no 'looks gay' or 'does not look gay'. And what do you define with 'sees gay'?


Red sports shoes look very stable as I find. TRag what you like. (Best Dark Red Red)


Clothing has neither a gender nor a sexual orientation. WHAT YOU WANT TO AND WHAT YOU FIND BEAUTIFUL AND Let Nobody impose anything else.

Can I wear as young red sports shoes or do I look for gay with it?