Is it really how scary Lazy Town is?

2021-08-24 06:07:12 YVONNE

At that time as a child, the still neutral was found.

Look at the wax figures of Lazy Town now. Really creepy age!

should this be a message?!


I found her morely unsympathetic. "Iss always beautiful fruits and vegetables, but you are eating a candy. Palting, depression, listlessness, and you lose your whole energy until you eat your apple."

That was the message on the whole. Someone there has eaten a candy, and then he was felt in dying. Or you do not move a day sometimes, you lose all your freedom of movement and becomes stiff like a board. One is even unable to move his knees while running. It's as if you were made of wood


So I personally found the series already unsympathetic ... but I was not so young anymore, when it came out.


So I find herReally creepy, really really funny this series, I've ever looked as a child sometimes but mostly I switched then

What are the wax figures out now when I may ask?

Is it really how scary Lazy Town is?