Is music allowed without swim words (Islam)?

2021-08-24 07:01:41 SHELIA

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If music is allowed without bad words, because in Islam, music is prohibited because they have bad words inside.

But there are also music, Rap, Pop nowadays etc., which does not include a single bad word.


Music is allowed in Islam. The supposed Musikbot is a widespread mischemade:

Imam Chamene'i distinguishes between music that is suitable for promoting and music that is not characterized in such a way; wherein the former form is prohibited, the latter is allowed. The characterization is responsible for yourself, so that one and the same music can be prohibited for one for one and for the other.

Furthermore, various traditions thematize the music:

Al-Husain (a.) Reported that Imam Ali (a.) Said: "God's Messenger (see) came past Zanzibaric people As they hit a drum of them and sang, but when they saw the messenger (see.), they were quiet. ThereHer said God's Messenger (s.): (O sons of Arfadah, acts according to what they have found to make the Jews experienced that our religion offers free space.) "[Al-Ja'fariyyat of Isma'il Ibn Musa , Page 317, Hadith 1190]


Ali Ibn Ja'far reported about Imam Al-Kazim (a.): "I interviewed him about the vocals: (is he in fasting break and Sacrificial festival and out of joy?) He spoke: (There is no problem, as long as one does not operate disobedience.) "[Al-Wasa'il of Al-Amili, Volume 17, page 122, Hadith 5]

So music is not an obstacle and music may be heard as a Muslim, unless it contains one of the other Islamic commitments. Therefore, everyone has to decide individually whether music hurts him or not.

For more detailed consideration, this also concerns the texts. German Rap, which is popular with our youth, partially includes texts about drugs or violence. If this someone herside for drug use, the music harms. If that is not the case, it is not a problem.


According to the basic view of the scholars, instruments in general (except DAFF) are prohibited.


  • in any Mozart opera
  • in any Beethoven Symphony
  • in no concert of modern Jazz Quartet
  • In no song from Tina Turner (to access 4 examples now)

... Falls a "bad word" - yet many Muslims claim that music is forbidden! - I, dear young friend, would eDo not take such people's enemy nonsense seriously - and just do not judge me!



Music in Islam there are different opinions in Islam:

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Is music allowed without swim words (Islam)?