Stronghold in cats. When touching again?

2021-08-24 08:06:50 ELLEN

Hello I gave at noon at one of my cats in the neck today. Now it's half past 11 in the evening. May I stray them again or let them sleep in bed? You dild to sleep at bed in bed. Is that already dried now? We have no small children and the cats do not sleep on the face. Ehr under my blanket. Make me aware of whether that could do something. In the baking sheet is something that you should not let kids play for 4 hours with the cat. So this would have to be dry after 4 hours? How do you do that?


Hello Mausele123

Did you get the Stonghold from the TA? Did that not explain that to you?

Does the cat currently have worms or hairlings? Or why do you give the remedy?

Excerpt from the veterinary medicinal product Overview

Treated animals are for at least 30 minutes Or until the coat is dry of open flames and other sources of ignition. Special precautions for the user: easily flammable; Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames or other sources of ignition. 4 Do not smoke, eat or drink while dealing with the remedy. Wash hands after use. When skin contact, wash the medium immediately with water and soap. In case of accidental contaminationKT with your eyes immediately rinse the eyes with plenty of water and seek a doctor immediately and show it the leaflet or label. Direct contact with treated animals should be avoided until the treated spot is dried. On the day of treatment, children are not allowed to deal with treated animals, and the animals should not be allowed to sleep with their owners, especially in children. Used applicators should be disposed of immediately and can not reach children's sight or range. People with sensitive skin or well-known allergy to the contained substances should be careful with the product.

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Stronghold in cats. When touching again?