Can I vaccinate against Corona without parents?

2021-08-24 09:00:48 VERNON

I, M15 wants me against Corona but my mother is vaccine opponent and it can not talk to her, from my father there is no backing ...

I have so now 2 times with a vaccine center tried and at the doctor (about 1 month ago) It did not work

I know that a vaccine also has strong side effects but the incidences go up and delta is now widespread and much contagious, with the 3G Rule I have to do a Corona test from now on when I go to the restaurant, for example (almost all vaccinated), which is not only very annoying but soon cost money ... to infect the risk is lower and I would not have to again as a contact person in quarantine

How can I notH are trying to get the vaccine without parents permission?


When you go to your pediatrician and he has the impression that you are sure of it and you know what you talk about, he can vaccinate yourself without permission of the parent or guardian.

Here again more detailed and as a source that I have no nonsense: /corona-Imving-Cinder-jugendige-Tenne-Eltern-Inwill-100 ~M.html


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Can I vaccinate against Corona without parents?