Is it normal that Korean men behave female?

2021-08-24 12:05:19 LOREN

Hey, I'm not in the K-pop scene yet, but I asked me if it is so common in Korean culture that the men behave a little female?
Especially in the area of ​​K-Pop, that has noticed that some more feminine behave, which is not even bad, I just wonder if that is so common in culture or whether the possibly rather So that has to do that some K-Pop idols simply feel more feminine and has nothing to do with the culture at all? The Asian men often look a bit feminine, I think is actually even attractive, only in the behavior I was not so sure now.

Thank you in advance & only so in advance, it should not be discrecuarbe iminating or anything else, it just interested me as a fan.


Many people seem to forget that their ideals and ideas do not apply everywhere in the world. What you call here as "male" - bearing and muscles, wide-legged and sit, women on the street, spit on the ground - that's not the case in Korea. It is customary for staring and actors to cultivate his appearance and look like as long as possible and fresh.

Wherever the associations "Androgyn" and "soft" I understand: there are very few male k-pop stars with edgy, hard faces or beard, but most of them have very well maintained skin, full hair and nicer fingernails as I ever had and will have. But apart from that, I really do not know what to do in Koreancan not find male male.

If you compare boy and girlgroups together, one recognizes a very clear difference between man and woman: the women should come as sweet and innocent and the men stylish and sexy. I always wonder: Is not it enough that the guy pulls up your shirts or even tear from the upper body, or grasp in the choreography in the step? What is "male", if not? What should they do to be "male enough"?


Yes, Asian men are generally a lot of feminine. In contrast to European men, for example, a lot of skin care is paid attention (which should be of course, but Nunja) or sometimes briefed. It will (beforeAll at Kpop Idols) also worn clothes, the other might perhaps perceive as a feminine (eg skirts or clothes for photoshoots), because clothes just did not have a gender.

What you mean with "feminine behavior" I do not quite understand. Generally, I always find it stupid to categorize male and female, because who certainly applies to what is considered male and what not? It is also necessary to consider that Kpop idols may behave in reality very different and accept a specific behavior for the cameras or fans.


This is this "Metrosexual "More normal than here.

is influenced by social media, etc.


Only for us in the west is considered" female ".There is that completely normal. The cultures are just very distinguishable.


Look at various BoyGroups from Europe. Since this impression could also arise. These are just art products. We have various Korean students here, that has nothing to do with the K-Pop image, these are normal types, there is nothing feminine.

Is it normal that Korean men behave female?