When could your children or their accident free 'wild pee'?

2021-08-24 14:01:55 ERNESTO

I know maybe a funny question, but when you have or if your children have your children who have pants, shoes, shoes, legs etc?

My are 8 and 7 and It still does not work. Every time something is wet. I can not always take action clothes. We are not always on the way together. I've already explained it and showed it, but it just does not want to work. The big gets in standing and the small in the squat not.

Please no teachings of because of "There are toilets" Bla Bla, there is just situations where it can not be avoided in the free nature, anyway for children.

Are my there so some cases that can not do thatGet?


Who urinates "with the wind", usually remains dry.

Alternatively carry a "urine bottle" (hospital / medical business).

Good luck


So I suspected that about 6 years sovereign and accident-free. But your little ones also do that :)


Earlier, and today


Most girls can also be in adulthood not.

Gives more important.


I used to run longer with my grandfather as well as his dogs longer routes and had no problems with 5/6 years.

But a few years ago I challenged the wind and I failed miserably.

When could your children or their accident free 'wild pee'?