Should women do not talk about men's problems?

2021-08-24 17:01:28 REGINA

If feminists want the men do not want to talk about women's problems then it should apply differently or what


You mix something.

One may talk about everything. You can not prescribe only those affected as you feel.

One may e.g. As a woman:

  • A man asking how he feels when he has come into the soft portion
  • a man help in the form of e.g. Offering the ice to get the pain in the handle
Accept that such a kick is painful.

What you should not do is to say is the man to say "When I was 6 I've had anyway before track bush, that's much more painful than what's happened to you now." Or "He did not come correctly if that would have been right, you would cry now"

or on another topic You can e.g. purposeBut Te concepts can not find bad but e.g. not prescribed a woman what she has sexist or not sexist or someone of e.g. Turkey does not require what he has racist or not racist.

Of course, you can talk to the people about how they find the word and ask why they perceive it as they perceive it.


Everyone should be allowed to have a must.

What should it bring to ban non-handicapped mouth when it comes to accessibility?

or why heterosexuals should not be allowed to express homophobia?

Non-Speech always brings Disadvantages with yourself. No one should be allowed to ban the mouth anyone else. No matterEM topic.

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Why should women should not do that? Feminists are not our enemies, many of them understand us very well and are also ready to listen to men or get us understanding.

The problem among them are the disturbed extremists. Feminism is not a protected term and no club that pays attention to its members, everyone can call themselves as well as people with roof damage.

The extremists are the hatred and populism, which in turn like any other populist again Certain variety people attract, stupid people, hateful people, fearful people, injured people, etc.

I would not want feminists or general womenshould not, on the contrary, I wish more hearing and understanding, but at the same time I would wish that more of them pronounce themselves against the extremists and their toxic ideas and distance themselves more clearly from them and that's just only, with interest , Hearing and understanding for us, sensitizing namely.



About problems should be allowed to talk (any other approach generates only further problems)


The problem With feminists, this "culture" in the last few years has turned virtually 180 degrees, it was in the basic idea only for women to be treated as well as men, that is the same salary for equal work, equalG in all senses. It never went to ban men about talking about women's problems, but rather aware of the fact that women still oppose quite many problems, the men usually do not have.

Should women do not talk about men's problems?