Why is arousone come before the case?

2021-08-24 17:06:13 CECILIA


Who is haughty, is about others and mentions about them.

But if the others realize that the supposedly high position was reached only by arrogance, breaks up and breaks After the group of admirers below.

There was a fable where the lion as a king of the animals did not fit any deadbiss that did not suit him. He did that with the reasoning "I may that, because I am the king of the animals".

He bit the giraffes dead, the zebras, the crocodiles and called "I am the king of the animals".

At some point he had all the animals dead and called "I am the king of ..." looked around, there were no animals there, from whom he could be king.


At all times people have the special leiCertainly assessed in their fellow human beings, sometimes admired, they sometimes wanted to emulate them, but they have occasionally given to tilt feeling. Of particularly assessed, however, the performance experiments, which remained on top of that, was still modest, which had their ability rather reduced or made other courage that they could certainly do these things.

The counterpoint to the latter is now found In the "hilly", so such people who are constantly praising themselves, presenting themselves outstanding, unique and exceptionally talented. If these are actually the said skills, then the reaction is divalent: on the one hand still a certain admiration, but on the other hand a deep mishbillHowever, the reputation of pure cutters, those who pretend things are constantly due to ignorance, inability and folly, is constantly due to ignorance, inability and follies.

Here are mostly aggressive desires that focus on the hoped-for failure of such a person. And if the person actually fails, pleasurable moments and indiscriminated casual casualty, which is widely divided and passed through loudly.

This situation is geared towards this situation to the above-mentioned motto. He basically warns of all those who are easily succumbing to self-assessment and self-admissiveness, which expects them when the inevitable failure will occur, namely the unusual staplesocial contempt and expiration that can be experienced as a serious punishment.


is logical that an imaginary, egocentric, (huntingness) does not have success everywhere and somebody of his High Ross Recherholt (case).

The saying: Everyone has found his master, suits yours.

The saying also fits: If it becomes good for the donkey, he goes to the ice. Marc Hanger is a characteristic that is not welcome. The old thinking is that something is punished. If someone was physically unavailable, they had to think such sayings that calm down.

Similar sayings are such as

"Who digs another a pit falls itself"


"The last shirt has no pockets." or "Who laughs last, laughs best."

The idea of ​​thinking can be found in religious again. The ones who suffer from earth will find comfort in the thought of a life in paradise. An earthly non-reversible injustice is brightened in a hope of a happy afterlife. Jeremy with hemmons is meant took over in an attainment; With the saying, it is pointed out that in the case of arrogance someone can easily fall to something because he can not be the usual prudence and consideration - almost victorious moves and the dangers overlooks ...

Why is arousone come before the case?