What really makes you happy in life?

2021-08-24 21:01:46 NICK

Hallöchen in the Gugumo Round

Today I would like to ask again a question again.

What counts for you in your life?

What is important to you, and are glad?

I'm looking forward to your answers A wonderful day wishes you Angel


"Grandma is like mum, only with fewer rules"


A beautiful good morning dear angel and to the morning round,

In the summer of 2018, a little man has been able to scare my heart forever.

Now with three years he is already with backpack and a basket filled with clothes, toys and books there and radiates over the whole face when grandma and grandpa pick him up for the weekend.

"Gei grandma, when the sun is shining, it's warm".

At night at grandpa "du grandpa, I see nothing", "does not do anything," opa replies, "Make the eyes again, it's night, that's why it's dark."

"The Himmipapa scolds "when it rains.

The window in the wood stove is watched closely, the wind lives if it is rightly whistling.

Why, why, when .........., many questions from a soft little guy.

We are often in nature, make small excursions, go a small path for hours, with a 10 liter bucket to look for grass for the beetles, snails and worms.

My grandson makes me happy - I love him.

Thank you very much for your question.

I wish you a nice Tuesday.

Best regards



My family, friends .. People who are close to me and with whom I mastered every hurdle. I can easily confever 100% confidence and knows you always for meThere are ☺️ it is a great enrichment in life if you have the right people around :)

And of course my dog ​​❤️



What makes me the luckiest power is, firstly, a happy family and that all are healthy. By the way, lots of sex and fun with beautiful ladies. In addition, enjoy music, travel, good food and La Dolce Vita ...... What does one want more if he has that?


Family, Friends

If you drank a bit of something and then the deeptalks come, something is great :)




Hello Engel!

The most important thing is that the children become healthy and happy.

Are the children well, then I'm fine too. Eigequite simple. Of course, there are other important things, but they come to another position, and there was not in demand.

Image: Google Have a nice Tuesday!

What really makes you happy in life?