Are small breasts okay for a woman?

2021-08-24 23:08:54 AMOS


They are part of your body and just right as they are. Would you be bigger you would not fit your physique. Each body is individual and unique.
Love and accept your body as he is.
Do not let yourself be unsettled by any statements or pictures.

That's what you are are good. :-)


I have C-baskets

I'm only sometimes "jealous" because there are really pretty clothes that look stupid with larger breasts - The falling then get out, it biased, does not fit, because too little fabric blabla ..

Nevertheless, I love my size, just one hand full, so seen neither too small nor too big. Although B would probably be enough


It depends on the inner values, not necessarily on the exterior, my opinion


I think in a woman is one of the heart rather what is behind it.


I find the sweet. But the heart behind it is more important.

Are small breasts okay for a woman?