Discounted in therapist?

2021-08-25 01:04:04 COURTNEY

Hello people, today I had a therapy with my therapist again.

I've noticed anything since the last sessions.

I am lesbian, and have noticed that if we have the hour I've always been insane on her, her smile looks me somehow in the spell.

I'm looking forward to seeing you, she's so nice, we look really intense every hour.

It is married and has a child.

I think I have developed feelings for you, Oh, but I do not know.

My thoughts do not buzz around you right now, and Your smile.

Have no idea what to do.



Have no idea what to do.

You can tell her if you like that happens to many patients and they know how they can handle it.

It may be important to tell her that if it prevents you at the therapy.

I wish you all the best!


This is a classic reaction in a therapy. But the therapist is likely to do nothing with you as a patient, even if she wanted. That would be absolutely unethical.

You can tell her, but do not expect any relationship with her. But it should be able to deal with it and make you the clearing of you.


Since you are probably hetero and you too opposite youIn the employment relationship, will you do not believe I can do much maybe you should change the therapist?


Nothing, just dream of it you can not have everything you want. It would not talk about that would only burden all


Watch out that they do not call you hypomanic.

Discounted in therapist?