Return Afghanistan?

2021-08-25 03:05:02 EARL

The Taliban have set an ultimatum until when people from Afghanistan may be flown out. The ultimatum runs on 31.08.2021 au.

In the event that the stakeholders do not hold on the ultimatum, the Taliban have threatened consequences. Pure extension of the evacuation rejects the Taliban.

US President Biden does not believe the appointment is too short-term.

would be in such a case that the Taliban is the US forces of which are still some in Kabul, these attack ?

Suppose it would come to how the USA react? The US has a very large base in an oilemirate, from which from quite fast Afghanistan would be reached.


A new war in Afghanistan will not exist wesitingly for the time being. The US has 6 thousand soldiers at the airfield, the BW I do not know exactly how many?

The Taliban will then draw a large ring around this airfield, so that no one gets there and that has come out of it then done.

You will not attack the US soldiers This contradicts each logic as the US Boys were not attacked in Syria, who guarded the oil for their purposes.


At least two days, the soldiers need for their deduction, so on 28.08./29.08.2021nd the last plane starts in Kabul.

This is the state up to date, if no extension can be reached at the last minutethat can.

The G7 states are currently looking for a way out.


The Taliban should not ask so many demands.

They have come only so far because the West has allowed them and did not intervene, although he could.

At attacks on Americans, the whole thing will be about something personal.


The US can react very quickly, hard and targeted and violently.

Then the whereabouts of one or the other Taliban leader flies completely into the air or his vehicle Incidentally, detonated unmistakable effects.

Taliban have the opportunity to leave in the US and other states against payments to release a damIT to better finance your terror and suppression of your own people.

The method is not new; The former GDR showed how to do that.


Let's say so. The Talibans know that when the AMIS wants to be afganistan with 1 push-button story is.

Return Afghanistan?