How do you get light eye rings away?

2021-08-25 05:00:51 CARRIE

Hello I would like to know how to get eye rings easily (preferably without make-up). Help budgetary remedies, if so what?

LG Lilli


Eye rings can help black and green tea. You can briefly pull the tea bags in warm water and then put on the eyes for 10 minutes.



Take a salad leaf from the refrigerator. Place it a bit in the Handel so that the juice comes out and then put it on your eye rings for 5 minutes. This always helps!

I hope I could help. LG


HamameliGel can help well, get in drugstores and pharmacies. Is very pleasantly cool. Anyway, I can recommend. :-)


Your eye rings moisture donate and cool.


Head Head Under Ice Cold Water Jet and the Eye Rings MassiEREN

How do you get light eye rings away?