What do you think about my idea to others?

2021-08-25 05:06:41 BILLY


I am 21 years old and gay, and even if it is unusual, I stand on older ones. I have already since I am 18 a solid friend of today 55. I already know him for some time and he is also a super dear and decent guy. He supports me with everything and is always behind me. He had already joyned when I was 16 in me (completely, see very ripe). But he said when he learned that we would like to be good friends, but he probably wants to wait until I am 18.

When I became 18 and moved away from home and everything was easier with the meetings (before it was always secretly secret), we came closer and began a relationship. We are super happy together and I would go to my AUsing it with him. But I have to overcome another hurdle: the outing.

I have already told a few narrow friends. They were somewhat confused but accepting but accepting and having met him, they felt that he is really a great guy and we fit together class.

My parents are thinking I accept what homosexuality is concerned, my sister definitely, who himself has couple gay and lesbian friends. My annual leaders suggest that I want to owe my 22nd birthday, which would be the case at the end of September. However, I'm scared of how you react to the age difference, my friend also has huge fear of that you want to ban the relationship somehow ODHe contact me. He does not want to be the reason if something bad happens. I can imagine that my parents see the age difference with prejudices, see the stereotypical 'sugar daddy' in him, I do not love him and he bought my affection (which is definitely not the case). Therefore, I thought about creating a photo album of the last 3 years. I am a rather introverted guy and additionally through my relationship, it is difficult for me to please tell my parents from my private life. In the photo book I would summarize the 3 years again, show you what we have experienced how happy we are and the real and not bought.

Do you think that's a good idea?


Acceptance is in this case everything that counts. Just do it. Everyone should love how and what he wants (of course in the moral and ethical framework, were excluded here e.g Pedophiles). Two adult people are allowed to do and leave what they want. I am very much for you to really see you as you are like you are! In the end, you have to meet the decision yourself, but I think that's a great idea! Lots of love on you! ♥ ️


The age difference is very big, that's right. But you are of age and can do what you want and with whom you want. Stand your favorite and show it around the world!

I wish you all the best