What do you say too "exaggerated" political correctness?

2021-08-25 06:01:19 HARRIET

As an example, I said e.g. The well-known gypsy sauce, which now can not be called so anymore.

or an ice cream parlor in Berlin, the "Eiskimo" name and now on the push of the customers (by the way no INIUT complained) change the name Must

properly choose 52%

superfluous choose 38%

Racism should be fought, but this is too much choose 8%

other response: Choose 2%


This debate on speech revolution is a racism, which is perceived by me. Gypsy sauce can not be said to name, let alone foam kisses after heavily pigmented people, but

  • Blondine jokes are okay;
  • Ostfriesenwitze and Bayern Jokes are also good;
  • Krakow and Berlin may eat here;
  • An American also:
  • With an Englishman I can solve screws here;
  • With a Pariser we may have sexual fun;
  • UPS ..... I have just ordered a Viennese schnitzel;
  • With the Canadian I can go rowing;
  • And with the BOB I drive carriage ... ..USW.

In conclusion .... all theWe can say white.

Oh .... now I accidentally forgot the religion. Mohammed cartatures are totally islamophobically, but we can let go of Jesus and the Christian God right now.

..... and LGBTQ + is now also insane, where I have never seen a LGBTQ +. Probably I drive in the wrong circles.


Now Currywurst should be a sign of the old white man. What interestingly racist about whites is and additionally men's skinny. Even the AGESHAMING should not ignore.

I think it's okay that you do not want to say nothing more, but gypsy schnitzel and other things are far exaggerated. I hold myself anywayn Not at Political Correctness, since I do not prescribe from anyone, as I have to talk.


The best way to evacuate the inhabitants of the Black Forest before being renamed and nobody finds more. Which "designation" in the future will carry a blackfriker "may" - should also be clarified and the wooden heads, which sprinkle such a shit, belong to the moon- because they live indeed already there.

As if humanity none Worried others ...


I find people feel addressed and they find discriminatory expressions, then that should also be changed. Just because Inuit did not know that, it does not mean that this is not discriminatory. The word "n * ger"Is not less discriminatory if there is no person with dark skin color.


Maybe we should think about this that homophobia and anti-Semitism are on the agenda in many countries - but as long as our Mr. President congratulates a state to the anniversary, which is open to this To destroy the state of Israel will probably change anything at the status quo.

What do you say too