Think I fell in love?

2021-08-25 06:05:14 LUZ


I got to know girl. Know for 1 week, we are both 14 she is 5 months older. If I hear your voice, I feel comfortable and get a tingling in the stomach. I may want to meet you soon, but I'm rather shy and are afraid that she baskets me .. Do you have tips for me? :)


I'm also 14, you just have to say and hope then you know it's the longer you think about it's the harder


Nobody can tell you Here you should help everything you want what you want and when you are gored? So what? Maybe it's only unpleasant for a moment but then that will be for a lesson for you and dare more through these "baskets" you are just not so shy


What do you have Losing?

Do not let your anxiety get bigger than the interest

Think I fell in love?