Is that normal if my friend does that?

2021-08-25 13:04:19 ROBERTO

Good day.

I have been an actually catering and beautiful relationship since 3 days

. Is a good person and has also met my mother yesterday (she also had a good impression of He and said that he really loves me)

He has entrusted me many things that were very bad and traumatic. He also cried after it and I confided him a lot of what was going through my head and depressing me ,

We have a very good bond and everything there is something that brings me all the time to think:

I had sexual intercourse and he is actually a very soft person but he is actually a very gentle person has started to bite me on the neck and my breasts whatever has woeh and started roughly and rough micH to let me know too.

I also said him that it hurts me.Mein friend said that he would never want to antivate me. He did it again gross again and the excited he became, the harder and rougher he became. I also pushed him out to show him that I do not really want that.

Every time I kiss him, I'm scared that he is being excited and then with me also rummaged because he is rough or "dominant" .

Yesterday he started kissing me what I also enjoyed. Then he said he was tired and that he wants to go directly into the room (because we were in the living room) because he has to work tomorrow.

Finally we were in the room and I thought he would go to sleep because I myselfWhat was tired. Then he started kissing me and bite at the neck. It has started to get involved in the whole body and told me after a time that I should take off. I was not really in mood but did not do it anyway ,

He has kept telling me that he wants me to feel good and that is important for him because he loves me.

I have briefly said that I'm not sure and we can do it whenever my mother is not there because she was in the adjoining room.

He knew something annoyed and then continued yet. In a moment I was also excited though I was pain.I wanted Do not take me off actually because I have a bubble inflammation thereby taking antibiotics and the pill NicHT works (without condom).

He has said that he probably could not get children because of previous relationships and without prevention of his ex not pregnant.

He has always said a good girl me and blas me and let me "fiKcken" he has said I'm nervous before and does not want to push me and that he loves me what he has said again. He speaks English and said more often "I Own You

I still have pain because he had appreciated me, I did not get a breath, the bite too, the rough touch my chest.

Thank you in advance.


So for me personally, this sounds like a total nightmare, if one is strangled and bitten in most intimate and vulnerable moments.

And if it is still pronounced that he " Owning "would, then that sounds pretty much after that you are something between slave and usage for him.

My LaiaMeinung could actually be a tattered toxic person here. Talk to him again. If you think he does not go to your concern in any way, then finish the relationship immediately. Your physical and psychological well-being has priority, and that is not guaranteed in the case.

Seek, if it gets worse, in any case professional advice.



Hello! Short, herself from him otherwise sometime ends nasty for you

Beautiful evening


He can say much, as long as not acts are his words but meaningless. It does not matter if he tells you the lovely day how important it is that you feel comfortable if he does not respect your boundaries and just do not pay attention to whether you feel good. You are so short together and now he can not break together? No good sign.
Talk to him again, make him really clear where your personal limits are and that he is too crude. If nothing change, please consider this relationship again, because if it already atBesides, who knows what now comes.
(The argument with the children is weak by the way, as it is not clear why his EX has not become pregnant)


He is a sadist , and a sadist will never change.

With the "entrusted trust traumatic experiences" and his tears he has laid the foundations for understanding and dedication with you. He knows the psychological tricks, women "to work around". Still, in the case of your conservant in sexual attacks, he can curb so reasonably, but not long ....... his "gentleness" is scheduled.

Think well whether you want to take these "fights" on you.


I have just looked at my breastsI have distributed pretty much small blue spots on my breast. (I have dark skin and actually you see if I do not have them) but they are quite visible too at the neck I have a red swelling right at the middle.

Is that normal if my friend does that?