Better orgasm at SB?

2021-08-25 13:05:46 OLIVER

I'm w, 14 and satisfy me since I am 10. However, my orgasm is never really strong if I fingering or it's with an electric toothbrush or so do. Has anyone getting ideas like orgasm stronger? (No sex toys)


There are 3 choices for stimulation in girls, with the main focus always on the clitoris:

1; Vaginal, stimulation of the clitoris, by vibrator, pillow riding, miscellaneous rubbing on objects and naturally stimulation by rubbing with the finger / -n.

But you can directly stimulate the clitoris by retracting the clitoris template. Jen after how pronounced you is with you, you may find that more pleasant or disturbing.

That's exactly how you can indirectly stimulate the clitoris, by introducing objects into the vagina; e.g. brush handle, or if possible a dildo etc.

2; Anal stimulation, only possible by introducing items or with the fingers. Here at isBut it is important that he does not moisten themselves. That's why you always have to use sufficient lubricants.

If you want to change between anal and vaginal (different items or fingers!), You have to do absolutely clean your end dram, that can either do with an anal shower or just in the shower, the hardens test beam, and this At your "poloch" holding. Then necessarily on Clo ...

I think that should be clear, but I just say it: all objects (and the hands / fingers) that penetrate into you, must be clean Being!

3; Stimulation of sensitive places and masturbation techniques;

Other places that promise you are so-called erogenic zones. Best example for this SIND the breasts, inaccurate, the nipples and warheads; Shortly in good German said the "nipples". There is much more, as Google can help.


Stop-and-go, has already been mentioned here. Until shortly before the point of no return, then pause for about 1-2 minutes, and repeat this as often as you like.

Combination of multiple stimulation types, e.g. Anal and vaginal. But definitely not the same objects or fingers used (- because of hygiene)

otherwise everything that makes you "horny" is conducive.

Whether the public places is, whether the sexchat is or sunday. Fetishes are, you have to try and get to know yourself. You have to learn / know what you prefer; Once you're there your RADUNG found, you can experiment with everything possible.


I'm M, but I always take a football. Maybe that works with you

Better orgasm at SB?