Why must men still have to pay the maintenance after pregnancy?

2021-08-25 13:06:41 CHELSEA

In today's world, women can make money independently, just as men, if the child goes to the man, the woman does not have to pay a maintenance! In politics there is no one who stands for equal rights for the men while feminists are struggling for a starting lock for men at 21 o'clock


(The woman almost always gets custody)


until the common child is 3 years old, the mother is entitled to "care"

Provided, of course, that the father is able to pay at all.

And in the opposite case, when the father takes over the child's care, he has the same claim. There are quite women who earn much more than the man.


Why do men have to pay after pregnancy?

Because it is in law that the one who does not live the child is obliged to cash?!

Just as men when the child goes to the man Do not have to pay a maintenance ...

So completely, you did not understand the law texts, or?

Related Line are required to maintain each other. - §1601 BGB

Where is there "only male relatives are obliged ...."? UPS, is not there. So learn from it: Your statement is nonsense!

In politics there is no one of the equal rights for the men ...

What kind of equality do you want? You have the equal rights: one takes care of the care, the other the cash maintenance and from 18 pay both the cash maintenance.

or does your "equal rights" now looks so that woman has to take over cash and care maintenance Man can turn to the nice things of life? ThenYou also not understood the word "Leichtbaut" ... You may take care of equal rights, as they have begotten it equally. And if the child lives with her, then he may pay. It lives with him, then she may pay ...

... While feminists are struggling for a starting lock for men at 21 o'clock ...

Source? I am now for the first time. But it is also free to fight everyone for anything. You can fight for the woman to stay in the house at 20.00h. Questionable if you come through with it. Questionable whether your addressed feminists come through ...

The woman almost always gets custody

and now consider it very well, which could be concrete ...

The man is es Free after birth to give the home and to take care of the kiddies. His chances of getting the children in the case of separation rise rapide!

It is also freely a good care plan to submit to the court, from which he can take care of the child next to his job.

Surely you are right: courts as well as youth offices are still maternal today. That should change something!

But your considerations should be argumentative and who only throws any platitudes in the room, you do not really seriously take.

Is one a danger if you deserve as a man less and the child is in the wife in better hands because they have more money and you still have to pay over?

You certainly have a concrete court ruling now? Or is that just so straight out because you believe it would be like that?

The child of a friend of mine lives at the Father. The mother is not really interested, does not pay maintenance. The child wanted to become a father ...

The older so the child, the more say. Difficult, however, to give the breast for a father to an infant.

Nevertheless, it is impossible as a man to get custody

You have this wisdom exactly where? This is hardly a problem today. And to the info: If you are married, then you automatically have the common custody.

Maybe you should deal with the laws. And you thought thingsHe do what you can do as (maybe once) father that in the case of a separation, the children contain the children. So do not hope that your wife / girlfriend makes the household for you and you get the food on the table in the evening, but you are looking for a woman who would like to continue working while you cheat the children.

or you try it with the change model. But that requires a rather peaceful separation. So because of the 20 years younger secretary would be rather counterproductive.

And think that you are dedicated to the children after work. So nothing with "off on the couch and feet high". In fact, you also involve some of the fact that you have the better cards in case of custody. But thinkAlso to the children: Rum tugging at the dear little ones would not be so good now now.

Surely there are fathers who would like to see their children much more often and where the woman shows himself as a heart-free Furie. One has little chance when she convinced the court that he is a brutal racket or passes to the children. So always show you as a loving father!

And if your child should be illegitimate, see that you take care of the joint custody. Either you voluntarily exist or you go for the family court. And does not speak the child's wellbeing, then nothing stands in the way. So far on the topic "Man never gets custody ...".

And eyes on at the partner choice: renounceF The ons, you're looking for a partner where you think that could last for a lifetime.


The woman has to pay maintenance. The quota is determined after the pay. If the woman does not have to pay, this is at the low wages. That would be the same in men. Then pay if it is financially necessary, the youth welfare office. Then it depends on your income. Clarence The maintenance is paid to the parent where the child grows up. It grows up with the mother, the father pays and grows it at the father, the mother pays! I know such cases too. Please inquire in advance before you set up such allegations! Maintenance is not a money for pleasure, but to "entertaining" of the child in forM of clothing, food and education. Why Again, only a parent should stay at the cost? Especially since that, which is often not fully employed in the first years of life, as he looks after the child who has financial review ?? Ellis Maintenance is basically for the needs of the common child to pay. For the maintenance, both parents are equally responsible.

Why must men still have to pay the maintenance after pregnancy?