What do you prefer in the intimate area of ​​your partner?

2021-08-25 13:07:37 ETHEL

I know, you have to fall out yourself. I just ask for interest,)

shaved Choose 67%

Epilated Choose 19%

Trimmed CHOOSE 10%

Choose 5%


I find so hygienic. Or rather, it is so easier to stay hygienic and visually convey this. In addition, hair can also be disturbing in some situations.

Sometimes the nozzle can be better, because the continuous gladtrasaging can quickly lead to unsightly skin irritations.




Does not matter :)


I do not really care, the main thing is hygienically cleaned :)


The question arises interestingly yes Right early (in terms of age), their relevance often leaves over the years with many, as in the lives of many beauty ideals gradually one IMMHe plays a subordinate role. Whatever the psychologically explained, but with a progressive age is increasingly reinforcing the feeling of true (life) togetherness and there is something like intimate hair, then rather a marginal role, so my opinion.

What do you prefer in the intimate area of ​​your partner?