Why do you say that Islam belongs to the IS?

2021-08-25 13:09:23 DONALD

The thing is that the IS itself Muslim kills eg. In Somalia they are also Muslims or Afghanistan people flee to Germany because of the IS or famine and are self-Muslims.

For me it does not mean no sense Why should one want to kill his own people why you destroy it Own Land

You remember that the IS and Islam have nothing to do with each other


Because that is so. Look at his flag:

In the upper part, the first part of the creed لا إله إلا الله / lā ilāha illā'llāh /, there is no God except God '. In the lower part, the seal of the prophet is reproduced, the text corresponds to the second part of the creed from the bottom to the top to read, محمد رسول الله / Muḥammadun Rasūlu'llāh /, Mohammed is the Messenger of God '. By banning the IS in Germany, the use of his black banner as a license plate of a constitutional organization according to § 86astGB is punishable.


Hitler was also Catholic and "Godwith us "stood on every coupling buckle.


The IS belongs to the political Islam, under which people suffer from their territories. And that's what you are Write, to the big part Muslims. It would be nice if there was sometime a way for these people and enough unity among each other to fight against the oppressors in a great style.



It's just Muslims. The argument that in your opinion is no Muslims, is nonsense. Something is called "real Scot arguments". Person A says, "Every Scot is fig!" , Person B says, "I know a scoop of which is very brave!" Person A says, "Then he is not a real scote .." You do not decide which religion has someone who always decides the person. If the crossrittor claim they were Christians, then they are, if they are baptized. Since those terrorists are likely to be converted, they are also Muslims, point. Vicky For me it just does not make sense That does not make sense when one goes out, Islam is peaceful and Muslims would not kill each other. The problem is that a peaceful Islam is just a wishful idea that unfortunately not with the entire real history of Islam until today have a lot to do. Earnest The IS has never been the first thing I am on Islam KrItiere, but that were and are always the basics of the (oh beautiful) religion, but as long as the IS itself considered belonging to Islam, I assume that he belongs to it. The same applies to the Taliban.

Why do you say that Islam belongs to the IS?