How should I ask a girl if she loves me?

2021-08-25 13:10:00 LUCY


Not at all, if not with the door into the house.

That should be said when one is in a solid relationship that is of stock.

Go to the introductory phase, everything else, then step by step

All the best for you


Something is asked if you are a couple and now uncertain about it. So usually shortly before the divorce.
Give her the chance to get to know you better. Then you will notice if you are happy to be with you. And if you really feel that the time has come, then do not ask you, but tell her you love her.


You should only do that if you already know very well. You should not just go to her and ask you, NuR because you once liked Oä .. Besides, I would not ask you, but you first say that you may like them yourself (if so). If it is the same with her, she will vote. The question would only quench them.


not at all, learn it correctly, undergone a lot together and then you can look further.



Lillian Whether she loves you

How should I ask a girl if she loves me?