Does the West have the right people in other countries to write their way of lif

2021-08-25 16:03:24 MARCIA

The West prevailed for democratization:

Western mythology is based on the idea of ​​the imperial privilege. She asks: What do we have to do when it comes to the problems of another Vol Kes. This is an approach that is based neither on international law nor on the principles of human rights. [The dirty war against Syria of Tim Anderson, 2016]

In numerous conflicts, the West is involved: Afghanistan, Mali, Iraq, Libya. Germany does not participate everywhere, but in some missions.

We have - the West - to intervene in other states and, if necessary, to create military facts? The author of the book criticizes this namely . On the other hand, however, the question arises, who the WTo bring more peace, if not the West?

This question also arises against the background of the Afghanistrandebakel . Some call for a renewed intervention. Others reject this.


No, Unfortunately, do it again and again, even if sometimes a guise is used with the democracy in the baggage?

it has not until now, but it concludes Draw, skin him.


Unfortunately, many states have not signed the convention on the human rights convention and also tolerate human rights infringing methods (including the USA). If, at Besipiel Afghanistan, the government wants to recover its power, as it enters the people who live there, more rights to the people who live there, I find it quite legitimate that other states help them. In this case, I would help the people's will.


No, I do not find that the West has the right. It is fineFor me if dictatorial states are sanctioned but a military intervention I find completely wrong. Is not a wonder that they have the hatred of us. Everything expansion and missionary I decide. If the citizens want to have democratic structures they have to be fought. In the West, it will be time again that the lobby groups get ahead of the Latz and democracy the economy and industry rejects in the barriers. This whole banner under the guise of globalization must finally have an end. All power goes from the citizen and of no otherwise!