How can we hide that we are poor?

2021-08-25 17:02:41 MARK

My in-laws want to visit us on Saturday. Only we have only one bed, and a dresser as we are poor. I'm very unpleasant .. Can you borrow somewhere chairs? We also have a kitchen not only a broken stove. And money for cakes is not there end of the month.

How do we still shape the visit as if we were normal?


Poverty is not a shame. But I just saw your stove. Then you can bring your household to front man. Poverty forgive you the parents-in-law, but not disorder and dirt.

Chairs can only be borrowed for the visit to the neighbors or ask in the next social department store. If you have craftsmanship skill, you can ask in the next hardware store after a pallet. From this can be made with little effort furniture, which are also Hipp. However, does work and you have to borrow tools to the neighbors.

We are not rich. But we were always rich in ideas and hardworking. About an ugly table comes a tablecloth and good. Look at Ebay Classin. There is a lot going away there. Make sure it comes from your environment so you can take it home.


"We are just trying the minimalist lifestyle and are still in the upheaval phase." Or says at short notice due to illness, water damage or so.


You are normal. Also poor people are normal. If the uncomfortable is, then an excuse inventes and goes with your parents-in-law a coffee.


goes into the coffee or a public place for food and do you an excuse for "at home from" .. pest control or water damage .. weirdn missing de furniture.


Things Previous It Is Not Is Stylish. Your Hasi will probably know about your condition, then it is his task to prepare the in-laws on this. People do not have to judge after possessions, and if they do that, the deep looks.

How can we hide that we are poor?