Are women often stronger than some men?

2021-08-25 18:01:00 FLORENCE

In the leg power I think it is balanced therefore, you have experience as far as this is concerned.


Women have just less likely to have trained arms or breast muscles, but they train more often on a trained butt and thighs, they then realize that.

In the deadlift I also pull my friend about 5-10kg, while bench press it is reversed.


That depends on it, I've been stronger as the one and other guy in fitness. I also train more relatively much more. Often, the men inherit the legs for the training too.


Women often have of nature from stronger legs as men who somehow with the children get together, as men mostly on upper body are fixed in the trainG It is often so the women create more weight at Squats as men


In the majority I would say no, the women are stronger than some definitely. Not just in the legs. At the same conditions, I would almost never say.


If a man and a woman pure a lot of training, the man will be stronger in 99% of cases, but how others have already written here, this range of men is not trained as intense.

Are women often stronger than some men?