Who have you already seen the stiff penis, or who has already seen yours?

2021-08-25 19:02:57 RODERICK

Good morning, Who did you see all the erect penis? How did it happen?

Who has seen your, if available, already?


Well, there was a few in the course of life. The first time was 12 years. My school friend asked me if my is often stiff. And then we set ourselves on his bed in the afternoon and unpacked the hard things. We also touched each other very carefully and hesitantly.

Yes, and after me later, when I was 14, the parents of my best buddy have always taken with the FKK campsite, there were enough possibilities. We guys have shared a tiny tent for two and then every night went off the mail. Were beautiful times ...


During my school time, the often came to the sport that one came to the sport that one or the other young timesN had stiff. But that did not push anyone from us passing in the puppetry very quickly that you are going on.

Simply further refused.


of my previous sex partners, what 4 are and from a fast-ons, which was not really stiff. Besides, I got many pics unintentionally, no idea how many. And when celebrating on vacation I had one in the hand, but not seen. Porn I do not count now.


So I have no female. I have seen the one of my friend and many men or guys most I would find dicpics totally great.



At a meeting for a certain preference, I already have a gesehen. And my have seen erotic masses.

Who have you already seen the stiff penis, or who has already seen yours?