Are you accepting the views and decisions of your fellow human beings?

2021-08-25 21:00:54 DEANNA

Especially related to political issues such as the vaccination.

is different, depending on the situation choose 47%

Yes, is not my problem, what others make choose 29%

Yes, but have reservations of CHOOSE 18%

Other response Choose 6%

I'm not sure choose 0%

No, I try to move her to my opinion Choose 0%

No , I then break contact from Choose 0%


This is indeed different. I do not care about my neighbors. They should decide how they want.

With my partner and people who are very close to me, I do not care. Since I try to convince you of my opinion, since I do not want you soz. "Race in the open knife" or endanger themselves.

If my partner says, I would definitely have to have, I would definitely try to dissuade him.

Should not that succeed, I do not know what I do. I've already thought that I would separate myself (which I probably would not get started).


That depends entirely on whether this decision also depends on this decisionare or not.


It depends on it.

If the arguments do not reflect the knowledge and / Or someone uninformed with fake, ideology and conspiracy acts, I accept that it is so. Not but the refusal of knowledge.

I do not now meanup questions, How - who is the best chancellor candidate * in. I accept that 100%.

I mean the knowledge questions, where there are no opinion. But facts, evidence and a study situation. So, such as Z.B at the vaccine discussion.

Who is simply anxious, unsettled or uninformed, I can take it seriously and accept the attitude. Arguments and info occupies the last state of global WI

If the reasons

against the scientific study situation, however, can be ideologically, compassional, esoteric or conspiracy theory and I do not want to accept that. Because if a sufficiently intelligent man operates knowledge refusal is not acceptable.

Carmen Basically, I accept all opinions. However, only if the persons can support their opinion due to facts




If someone does not feel any sources for his numbers or his "subjective perception" , I can not take such people seriously.

I understand it for example. that you do not want to vaccinate (yet) because the long-term response may still beNot known to such. That's an argument for me. Nevertheless, I would (and I) decide differently.


Betty At least I try that.

Are you accepting the views and decisions of your fellow human beings?