Did you swim?

2021-08-25 21:01:31 JAKE

Yes! Water is definitely my element! Choose 52%

Swimming makes me fun, but not always. Choose 33%

No! A very clear no! Choose 7%

Well, now and then ... Choose 4%

I do not like it so much. Choose 4%


Hello, swimming is very healthy and through the buoyancy also very joint-horrendous. You do not have to swim on time, but rather a little slower and enduring. There are also other possibilities of movement that are also fun when you like to move in the water. LG!



I do not swim so much because I somehow get extreme panic in swimming. I am also afraid of waters and even in the swimming pool I'm scared. But when school swimming, I always tear myself together and try to swim as well as possible.



I like swimming very much, but since a knee injury last year, it has become a bit painful, therefore ... difficult.


I do not like swimming.

I find the totally exhausting. : (

But I like to be in the water. :)

LG ☘


Only in summer.

Did you swim?