Can Flying (Insect) get tired?

2021-08-25 22:02:11 TARA

So if I have a fly all the time nerve and they do not let that end, the someday is tired or can fly infinitely long, and still a question behind the fly must spit on their hands and legs to stick the effect so That she sticks then because of me or not.

LG Duk.


You can fly so long until you do not have ATP anymore with your muscle cells. Then you have to access your energy reserves. At some point, you will be involved in a lasting lack of food.

Tüken, for example, save your energy well, if you save them, then they usually fly more than 2 m and then rest. It is therefore likely to be the case with flying.

In addition, flying are very little sleep. For example, fruit fly sleep 15 minutes a day.


Insects must also sleep. However, I have also heard the fish sleeping only with half the brain, and the other half fits in meanwhile obviouss happens or not. That will certainly not be right, but something will be there. And maybe that's a bit of flying.


I do not think you would do that I do not believe that JMD has tried and can report