Is Germany before the mathematical Apocalypse?

2021-08-25 22:05:28 TONYA

Countless German students hate the mathematics, refer to as unnecessary, and turn them off in the 6th grade of them, which floods the universities of mathematical uneduces and later become social assistance recipients.

Can you still stop this catalystical development?

I would suggest, already start in kindergarten with simple mathematics and already in elementary school equations

Likewise, you should use tasks that requires understanding, eg Mathematical evidence, the derivation of a formula.

No, you can not stop choose 64%

Yes, you can still stop it, but we have to act fast choose 36%


Mathematics should only learn students who are interested in. I almost do not know anyone who could only apply a single formula for a few years after school. The entire math lessons is for the cat, wasted time, completely pointless. After a few years, most of them can only make the basic works and apparently those who are completely sufficient to come through life. So why do you have to torture generations of students if they forgot after school anyway again because they do not need it?

All students interested in mathematics should get a much better education than now. These students are from the big mass, nothing with the mathematicsStart can only be stopped. You have to be satisfied with a inferior education. As it is now, that makes no sense. The one get too much and can not do anything and the other starving after more and do not get it.


whereby the universities are flooded by mathematical undesigned and these students later become social assistance recipients.

Your exaggerations are always so beautiful substanceless.

Already Amazing that millions of people come to realize with their lives, without having used the set of Pythagoras only once in their lives outside the school. If you ever heard of it,

You love math, we all understood that! But stayAl please on the carpet! There is certainly some things that go completely. Proportionality, for example, you will also be clear as we make "math hassers" clearly, thankfully to mathematical equations in kindergarten.


Countless German students hate the mathematics Lead as unnecessary, and turn into the 6th grade of it,

I could never suffer Math. I do not want to stay further in the profession that I have recently learned because the maths are too high for me. But at the moment it looks like I would get the conclusion. Not a particularly good degree, probably (which is rather coronabeding as minebeding) but a degree and I think so far then AUCH completely okay.

Just because you do not like math that does not mean that you do not control it.

whereby the universities are flooded by mathematical undesigned and later to receive social assistance recipients.

Why? Mathematics you have in school do not need in most non-mathematical courses or no longer in the extent and topics how to do it at school. And even if, math can learn to learn. In this respect, I can not quite understand the connection here (but probably also intended).

I would suggest, already start in kindergarten with simple mathematics and already introduce equations in elementary school

the circumstance,That this is already done and every child knows that 1 + 2 = 3 is and this is already in elementary school, if not in the kindergarten, already learns, you probably overlooked it unconsciously ...

Likewise, you should use tasks that requires understanding, e.g. Mathematical evidence, the derivation of a formula.

This is completely unnecessary and has nothing to do with applied mathematics.


I mainly hold the reused quantity teacher for very helpful to e.g. to understand democratic majorities. But also to expose spirits pulled to the hair.

But it is also clear that you have to understand mathematics so that you are helpful in many areas or levels.

Many good grades the endMy schooling resulted from the fact that formulas had been learned by heart (which is basically OK), but if you had to explain a proof (ie an understanding), many united students failed.

I think it was already At all times more comfortable, prefate opinions simply toplapple or to give them as "knowledge". The difference between self think and be expected to be low. Anyone who has understood that one did not understand by their own intelligence and their own understanding, which is likely to be a separate opinion formation on the one hand difficult, on the other hand, probably not important to him. Adapting, write down, manipulate (without looking through it) is a possible consequence of it. Because the other requires a self-thinking. Not that iCH asserting mathematics is essential; But the principle of a mind is trained by traceability and "thinking activities". In this respect, I am also your opinion, which you show in the last sentence! ; -)


This is really an important point you address!

Mathematics in elementary school was already embarrassing, and in the kindergarten you were enthusiastic for activities that take on machines today.

If you really do the mathematical understanding already very early, then promotes the mathematical understanding and tailored It is also more in the development for Germany.

But there must be a correct education policy

, some politicians do not recommend that very well (no name call).

That is, we must pay attention to it and act so that further intellectual , and this is in particular a mathematical, performance claim is collected and enforced

. Otherwise, we threatens a dystopia that we suffocate into our self-inflicted immaturity.

Is Germany before the mathematical Apocalypse?