How is my voice (singing)?

2021-08-25 22:05:52 AMOS

Hi! Am M / 13 and wanted to ask how her my voice finds. Please be honest!


10/10 CHOOSE 36%

7/10 CHOOSE 29%

9/10 CHOOSE 14%

8/10 CHOOSE 14%

6/10 CHOOSE 7%

5/10 CHOOSE 0%

4/10 or less choose 0%


You seem to be a snap ton. I think you have sung the piece very clean with a nice voice. The pronunciation was partially too unclear, I could not understand the whole text.

Someone else has described your voice as "Cute", which I find very true. I would not know how to translate that best into German.


You definitely do what my friend's friend :) Although there is still something (too much Hall etc) on the editing, but that's just a minor matter now.

hope We sometimes that you can still meet the tones in the voice break;)



was actually really good, but are lucky, not yet really in the voiceBeing break, otherwise that would probably be different from XD


Yes, but is beautiful. But

But I did not quite belong that now because that's not the same My music is taste.

LG ☘


I think it sounds really great!

I wish you a nice day.


How is my voice (singing)?