Is that true if you make no FAP?

2021-08-25 22:08:07 CHARLOTTE


No, of course not. This has no effect on your testosterone levels, no impact on your vocal tapes and no effect on your skin. The only thing that happens is that your testicles sometime shut down the sperm production and what is there unloads in nocturnal ejaculations, so humid dreams.

An actual increase in your well-being results in the highest over the success of the success ... but that has e.g. a lorry too, even if it does not eat anything without an actual health value.

In this respect ... if you have fun masturbation and make sure you feel comfortable, then keep it on. Maybe not every day 5 times, because it still applies' rEpetitio Non Placet 'But it speaks, also from physical point of view, do not mind.


Increased Libido? Yes, clear if you do not stop "pressure," will and stay fucker.

The rest is essentially nonsense, IMO. Are you always horny and fucker. If you want to designate that as "sharpness" or "better cognitive ability", because you notice everyone, but also every woman immediately, ok ...

or "more self-confidence", because you now still Such a small opportunity to use, "to come" to come, ...

I think a lot of it may apply if you apply it. Bissi like autosuggestion.


No that is almost everything lied.

It does not work at all. It has no detectable positive effect that you are looking for.

It's a head thing and you are sensitized sexually, that can have advantages. But for most people it is rather pointless.


Well, it's so seen the discipline because the finish requires to do without. The hormones are gradually different from GM or SB, but how long that stops I do not know now.


This has no disadvantages. On the contrary it builds stress.

Is that true if you make no FAP?